Roblox Area 47 Wiki


This page is for any info for upcoming updates, bug fixes or any other changes to the game.

  • Re-adding SCP-082
  • SCP-106
  • Complete re-make of SCP-966 including new animations and a new chamber
  • Update to future lighting
  • Massive performance updates
  • Free team features (earned by progressing in game but won't be as powerful as the gamepass version of the team)
  • Updated SCP pathfinding & handling system
  • Cooldown on impeachments
  • New gun customization (Add scopes and etc..)
  • Fixed minimap added
  • Better Mobile and Xbox support
  • New tasers for certain departments
  • Updates to arrest
  • Better auto-moderation system, hopefully stopping spawn-killing
  • Roblox automatic live translation
  • FPS features and better firing
  • Adding DEA back with other purposes
  • New gun revamped to look better when firing
  • New items for Larry's shop and also other NPCs
  • Making all guns compatible with all skins
  • New recontainment tool bag with a selection of RC tools.
  • Warehouse crates having different rarities, blue, green and tan
  • The Administrator having more features

*Content is not dated to be released at a given time, It could release in the next update, or a year from now. It might just be forgotten entirely and not added.