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This is currently a work-in-progress page.

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Note: None of this is official, and if anyone sees an error and wants to fix it or wants to add something, please do so. In addition, much of this will probably be out of order, so be prepared to jump around topics.

This is an unofficial guide to playing as the SD team on Area 47, and has largely been created from experience in game. For certain parts, such as keybinds, I will be talking from the PC player perspective, and as such will be using keys/letters for keybinds.

How to Join the SD

When you first load into the game, there is an option called "Play." This button will bring you to a screen where you can select a team, scroll through this menu until you find "Security Department," and hit "Play" in the bottom right. If you are already past the menu, click on either the cogwheel then "Return to Menu" or "Open Menu" on the loadout bar. It will then return you to the main menu. (Be warned if you return to the menu after joining the SD, if the team is full including you, you will be unable to head back into the game because the game will tell you SD is full.)

Note: The maximum amount of SD in the team is 7 (possibly, please correct if possible).

Security Department's Role

The Security Department's job in the Foundation is to escort tests, make sure Class-D don't escape, CI don't breach SCPs, and generally act as security (shocking, I know). The first most important place you'd want to know about as a SD (besides how to navigate around the map and general basic stuff, of course), is the CDCZ. The CDCZ (Class-D Containment Zone) is where the CDC (Class-D Cells) are, and where Class-D spawn at and are held. The CDCZ is located in Sector 2, on the left side after entering Sector 2 from Sector 1. There are 3 airlock-style entrances into the actual CDC, 2 briefing rooms and an access hall. The access hall is in the middle, and is generally the entrance/exit you want to use when not escorting a test (we'll get to that later). The CDC is a large open area containing the cells, and has a back area containing the Class-D shop (located in the back right door). There is a large red line on the floor of the CDC, which is the line that Class-D are not allowed to cross (unless being tested or other possible logical reasons). After crossing the line or shooting a gun (holding a gun is allowed for Class-D, so you cannot terminate them for that, but keep an eye on them), Class-D will be marked "Terminate" and their nametag will become red. At this point, Class-D can be terminated or arrested (I'll get into the arrest mechanics later). [Please note the following information has been added by another user. Another message in editor's brackets will appear at the end of my segment] Arrest works by 1 shotting the Class-D basically, sending them to their spawn. It gives the arrester $50 and a message appears saying something along the lines of "You have gained $50 for arresting a Class-D" before they go back to the CDCZ. This only works on terminatable Class-D. There is also the Tazer/Baton (Tazer is ranged but has 1 shot and a long reload time while the baton is melee but has infinite ammo and a very short time between attacks) which stun a target dealing zero damage making them sit. This is used to gain distance or to make your shots easier to hit. The Security Department also has the boring job of guarding the scanners closest to Gate-A (in-game refered to as "Main Gate") where they are stationed inside an ID booth that people hold out their ID, stick it in and you get their clearance, rank and username. The scanners, which can break like the generators, have a nice, gentle bleep when authorized personnel pass but have a harsher bleep when Chaos Insurgents (Elite disguised CI may pass but as I spent all my credits on C4/Skins I cannot test this) pass. This has no visual clue so noise is required for affective guarding. The Security Department are usually first responders to a raid, a heist or a riot due to their spawn's proximity to those locations. They also are the first to "Outside" in the event of SCP-682 containment breach due to the spawn's location, but termination is usually carried out by minigun units, MTF or RRT. They also are responsible for stalling SCP-173 as, while they have containment nodes, they are not obvious, thankfully they have eyes. They also guard places like the warehouse (an off-site CI raiding target) the vault (As the GOC is rather empty in most servers) and, as the starter said, the CDCZ. During tests usually they are the main guarding force, with an MTF guarding a test being an uncommon sight. During tests you should "encourage" (point your P90 at the Class-D) Class-Ds, terminate approaching Chaos Insurgents, batton/tazer disobedient test subjects (at the discretion of the tester/HR), and if the tester/a higher up of him, terminate the Class-D for being part of an SCP E.G. SCP-008-1 or a SCP-002-1, because they learnt too much, because they were not compliant, they violated any rules the tester established or because something occured (like the activation of an SCP that can't be removed or a code____). I unable to comment on SCPs that are mobile, other than the P2B (pay to breach) ones as, at the time of writing, they are disabled. Tazer also can taze any class, so make sure that you are careful with your aim and make sure your Recruits, Guards and Corporals don't go around tazing everyone for no reason. Please note that the P90 is not the best gun and thus you should request reinforcements before attempting to engage an armed hostile. As at the time of my new writing SCPs are back SD shoot 457 for MTF to RC while they ignore other SCPs as for the most part SDs are not too experienced so it's best for MTF/[REDACTED] teams to do it, if, however, you decide to RC as SD copy MTF/[REDACTED] and bait them to their CC. [Mi segmente overe]