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Note: None of this is official, and if anyone sees an error and wants to fix it or wants to add something, please do so. In addition, much of this will probably be out of order, so be prepared to jump around topics.

This is an unofficial guide to playing as the MTF team on Area 47, and has largely been created from experience in game and knowledge of game mechanics. For certain parts, such as keybinds, I will be talking from the PC player perspective, and as such will be using keys/letters for keybinds.

How to Join the MTF

When you first load into the game, there is an option called "Play." This button will bring you to a screen where you can select a team, scroll through this menu until you find "Mobile Task Force," and hit "Play" in the bottom right. If you are already past the menu, click on either the cogwheel then "Return to Menu" or "Open Menu" on the loadout bar. It will then return you to the main menu. (Be warned if you return to the menu after joining the MTF, as if the team is full including you, you will be unable to head back into the game because the game will tell you the MTF is full.)

Note: There is a max limit of 5 players on the MTF at a time, you might have to wait before joining the MTF.

Task Force Selection

After joining the MTF, you will see a menu that asks you to select a task force. The tasks forces available are Beta-7, Sigma-9, Alpha-1, Iota-10, and Epsilon-11. The roles of each task force are as follows:

Beta-7 "Maz Hatters": Primary recontainment team.

Sigma-9 "Valkyries": Primary combat team, fights the CI and the CD.

Alpha-1 "Red Right Hand": Primary guarding team. Guards the Site Director, O5 Council and The Administrator.

Iota-10 "Damn Feds": Primary intelligence team - specialises in identifying corrupt MTF units.

Epsilon-11 "Nine Tailed Fox": Secondary recontainment team with Beta-7, secondary combat team with Sigma-9.


The job that is usually given to the MTF is recontainment. So, you might as well learn how to do it, even if that's not your primary objective. First, you need to find and identify the SCP so you know where to take them. You will likely learn this from experience, as there are many SCPs in Area 47. For more information on this, refer to the "Identifying SCPs" section of this guide. For most SCPs, the goal is to lead the SCP back into their containment zone. What you want them to do is target you, so get close enough that they'll target you and not someone else (hopefully, other players will stay further back so you don't risk getting hit by the SCP). Then, you want to slowly lead them to their containment zone, going fast enough to not get hit but slow enough that the SCP doesn't lose focus on you. For the most part, the SCP walks in a straight line. However, sometimes they stand still and start jumping. When they do that, get close, and count the jumps. Whenever the SCPs start jumping, they almost always jump twice: the first straight up, then the second they will jump up and to their right. Then, they will continue moving. This normally isn't that much of a problem, however, with fast SCPs like SCP-966, it can prevent the SCP from getting through doorways. Now, back to actual recontainment. You want to move the SCP into its inner containment cell, and you can do this by either walking into its cell through the door or (for faster SCPs like 966) running to the door, hitting "E", and running in circles around the room until the door opens (this will however breach other entities of 966 already inside, so be careful). For both ways, after the door opens, you need to get yourself and the SCPs inside without letting them back out. To do this, after running into the cell and making sure the entity or entities are in, you want to either just run out through the door and instantly dash to the side so the SCP goes towards the wall rather than the door, or loop around the inner containment zone (mostly for the faster ones) until the door is about to start closing, then dash through it with the door closing behind you. This is hard though, and so you might need to practice it. Personally, I sort of combine them, and loop around the room once or twice to make sure the SCPs are inside and at the back of the wall, then dash out and dodge to the side. Some SCPs don't require the last step though, those being SCP-049 and SCP-457. Those two get teleported to around the center of their cell once they get close to the door of their inner containment (which is also the anti-Foundation breacher system). However, there are special things you should know for certain SCPs: SCP-457, SCP-076, and SCP-096. For SCP-457, every kill he gets (or every dead body he walks over) makes him get stronger and faster temporarily, dealing more damage per hit. In order to slow him down again, you can either wait it out (takes some time, not recommended and not efficient) or shoot at him. Unlike other SCPs, shooting him does actually do something (although I have heard before that shooting SCPs makes them focus on you, but I have not tested this), so if you see 457 moving faster than usual, shoot him until he slows down. SCP-076 has a rage mode, which makes him faster than usual, making him fast enough to catch you even if you're using the G36C. I am currently not sure what causes SCP-076 to enter this rage mode, and I am currently asking about it. If you know what causes it, please add it in. SCP-096 does not become enraged when the person looking at him is looking through the smart glass in its containment or through night vision, but after becoming enraged, it will attack the closest player, wearing night vision/SCRAMBLE or not. In order to recontain SCP-096, you have to wait until he is no longer enraged, and approach him with the containment bag while wearing NV/SCRAMBLE, as you cannot bag him while he is becoming enraged (you can bag him, but the hitbox is off and he'll still be enraged after being bagged/teleported). The best way to stop SCP-096 from being enraged is having all nearby players leave the area, at which point SCP-096 will no longer be enraged. When your cursor is over him and you are close enough, there will be a bar next to your cursor, at which point you will click and hold on the torso of SCP-096 until he the bar fills, at which point SCP-096 will be bagged. After that, SCP-096 will continue sitting in that location for about 1 more second before teleporting back to its containment.

NOTE: Do not enter through a door that an SCP just went through while it is being recontained, as it could still be near the door and could either kill you, start reversing the recontainment efforts, or (most likely) both.

Identifying SCPs

Most SCPs have a unique noise, look, or such that identifies them. For the purposes of this guide, only breachable SCPs will be listed. Note: Kill sounds cannot efficiently give you a number of players killed by the SCP, as often the SCP continues to attack dead bodies, and sometimes make the attack sound when touching other SCPs (even 966 entities attacking each other).


SCP-002 (Euclid): This SCP is located in Sector 3 right to the left after exiting the MTF spawn. SCP-008 was removed in the new update. Now there is 002. SCP-008 was re-added and moved next to SCP-002.

SCP-049 (Euclid): Located on the wall opposite the MTF armory between the armory and the entrance to Sector 3. Looks like a medieval plague doctor (can be seen in the game trailer). This SCP has specific sounds that play when you are near it, such as static-like sounds and some of its quotes. When it kills someone, it makes a sound like somebody getting punched. It is a 1 shot kill. Its speed is slow.

SCP-●●|●●●●●|●●|● (Keter): This SCP's containment room is located in Sector 3. To find it, go straight after exiting the MTF spawn, and turn left at the corner. This entity cannot be contained, and teleports you to a separate "dimension" if you say "2521" in chat (there is a cooldown for this, and it even works in the dimension it takes you to) or interact with the paper in the containment cell. The entity itself looks like a black figure with a heart on its face, and you will be unable to move if it is taking you, and it also removes your loadout bar/inventory (although if you are holding an item at the time you keep it in your hand). The dimension it takes you to is sort of like a small room with ramps instead of walls. It slowly drains your health while you are in it, killing you in approximately 1 minute and 52 seconds at full HP.

SCP-966 (Euclid): Located down the hallway to the right after leaving the MTF armory, it's the containment cell next to SCP-049 and across from SCP-457. This SCP looks sort of like a Roblox character shaped ghost, it is slightly transparent, and can be somewhat hard to see. Has no specific noises when you are nearby. The best way to identify this SCP is by using the night vision goggles, as this highlights them. If you know there is a breach, but don't know what SCP, always turn on your night vision goggles just in case. It's attack sound is similar to a knife slash sound effect. It does not 1 shot kill you, but can do a lot of damage due to the fact that there are 4 entities of this SCP and you often collide with them while trying to go through doors (especially if you are trying to enter their containment zone and there are some inside, so I recommend hitting "E" on the door then running around before entering it). They are moderately fast.

SCP-457 (Euclid/Potential Keter): This SCP is located in Sector 3 to the right, and is on the side of the entrance to the Sector/the MTF armory. It looks like an entity of SCP-966, but is black and surrounded by flames (can be seen in the trailer). Sounds that play when it is nearby include quotes from it (mostly about fuel and air). Its attack sound is like someone getting burned/a sort of loud, sizzling noise. It's kill sound is similar to a fire flaring up after recieving fuel (essentially, this is what happens). After killing a player (or actually walking over a dead body), this SCP will increase in speed and damage temporarily, with stacking effects to a certain point. If this SCP gets a kill (or is surrounded by players who don't know what they are doing), it can be very dangerous, as every kill makes it easier to get another. If this SCP gets a kill, however, you can slow it down again by shooting it (to my knowledge, this is the only SCP that is affected by bullets, although I have heard shooting SCPs can get its attention). 3 shot kills, but can increase to a 1 shot. Speed is slow, but can increase to very fast.

SCP-076 (Keter): This SCP is located in Sector 4 on the right side after entering the Sector. It looks like a human with black clothes and wielding a giant black sword (can be seen in the trailer). The posture of this SCP is also different to all of the others (including players). It does not have sound cues, but it has a sort of orange/red glow around it. Occasionally, this SCP enters a rage state, increasing his speed, and possibly some other things. The attack sound literally sounds like someone saying the word "slash," but is basically just a sword slash sound. The most dangerous and annoying part about this SCP is its attacks. If you go within its range, even if you don't touch it or back away, if he starts attacking, the attack will hit no matter where you are. In addition, he normally only targets 1 person for an extended period of time, even if they aren't the closest target. Note: This SCP does not stand still and jump. 3 shot kills. Fast speed/very fast speed.

SCP-352 (Keter): This SCP is located in Sector 4 at the end of the left hallway from the intersection. It looks like a hooded individual, its color is mostly dark brown. It has a slight brown aura around it as well as a sound cue: loud screaming while someone is in it's kill radius (about 15-20 studs. The kill sound is similar to someone getting torn apart or exploded with sounds of liquid splashing. 1 shot kill. Very fast speed.

SCP-096 (Euclid): This SCP is located in Sector 4 at the end of the right hallway from the intersection. It normally looks like a white figure that is crouched down, but stands up when charging someone. The SCP has a slight audio cue for each phase, being crying noises for passive, screaming that slowly becomes louder while entering the rage state (this is decently audible), and a slight distortion/static sound while enraged. Cannot open or destroy doors. 1 shot kills. Fast speed.

In case this didn't make sense because of how random everything I say is, there's another guide here.


Here I won't be talking about the best way to shoot, nor how to shoot correctly or even how to dodge well. I'm only going to really be talking about a few strategies, some tips, and things like that.

First off: how to defend an area. In this example, I will use the Class-D Cells Viewing Area (CDC VA). You have three airlock style entrances, one on the left, one on the right, and one in the middle, as well as the connector to Sector 2. In addition, there is the viewing area window. Due to the fact that there are two doors for each side entrance into/out of the CDC, you can utilize sound here as well as looking through the briefing room windows (obviously). Listen for the sound of doors opening (or watch through the viewing area for someone moving to a door). Watch the doors that you heard/saw them go to, but be sure to stay aware of your surroundings so they don't change their minds and go through another door. Specifically, watch the light next to the door, but also watch for any body parts sticking through the wall that might signal where the hostiles are. When the light turns green, it means the door is opening. Time it well, and start prefiring the moment the door starts exposing the other side. Many times, people just stand there in front of the door when opening it, so you can kill them before they can even get through the door. Also remember to use your information on the hostile's position. If you saw them on the left side, maybe focus your fire on the left side of the doorway so when they peek, it's straight into a line of bullets. This tactic works best with a high capacity gun such as the G36C, as with guns like those you have just enough ammo to spray down the door the entire time it is open. Remember to move positions after engagements so they don't start expecting where you are and prefiring you.

We'll talk about the arrest tool for a bit here. The arrest tool is given to all MTF members, and is very powerful if used correctly. It basically acts as a 1 shot weapon, if aimed correctly. When used on a terminate marked Class-D (and it can only be used on them), it will remove their items from their inventory and respawn them after about 3-5 seconds. After a use, it has a 30 second cooldown before it can be used again. It is slightly buggy, as sometimes misclicking or missing the target or even clicking certain parts of a target can cause it to give you the 30 second cooldown.

Moving on to disguise kits and how to tell if someone is using one. First, I'll talk about the basic Chaos Insurgency disguise kit. This kit will change the user's team and username shown above their head to a random name from a pool of names in addition to a new avatar out of a pool (doesn't save) (the selected username will not change every time the player using it dies and re-disguises, and stays as their designated disguise username for their time on that server. Leaving and rejoining or changing servers will change the username), and either the FP, DEA, EC, or E&T team. would be to hover your cursor over them while holding a gun. If it turns green, it is a normal Foundation member or a Class-D. However, if it turns red, it is a CI. They changed the cursor red and green in the new update. Another option would be to just shoot at every FP, DEA, EC, or E&T that comes by and see who dies, but I do not recommend that at all. Now, moving on to the CD's advanced disguise kit. The advanced disguise kit changes the CD/user into a "Security Department" member with a randomized username (from a pool of names). That username will also (I believe) stay the same unless they rejoin or change servers for each individual player. There are many ways to tell if someone is using this, although it's a touch harder than the normal disguise kit. You can lo ok at the player's uniform, as the advanced disguise kit's uniform is a touch darker and a bit off in general when compared to the normal SD uniform and they don't get a helmet. In addition, their team tag will say "Security Department" rather than the rank, although sometimes real SD members have this as part of a glitch. Finally, you could just look for a SD walking from the shop in the CDC without a gun, as those tend to be disguised CDs (but not always). However, do not look for a red dot like with the CI disguise kit. The red dot is a CI specific thing, and does not have to do with the disguise. They changed the green and red cursor in the new update. If you hover your gun dot on a disguised or normal CD, it will turn green.


If you're playing as an Alpha-1 member or just guarding your department's high ranks, you will need to know how to guard someone. First, you need somebody to guard. If you're playing as Alpha-1, look for a SiD, an O5, TA, or maybe just a AD or department HR. If you're in another task force, you would really only guard MTF HRs like O5-9. You will want to protect them with your life, and if you die in the process, that's how it must be. When guarding a VIP, try to keep your eyes open and stay aware of your surroundings. Don't get distracted with small things like a conversation. Keep your eyes open and look for potential threats in person or via radio. Be aware of your position in relation with your VIP,use your electric riot shield from the new update. If someone were to attack, make sure the bullets aren't hitting your VIP. In addition, some more serious guards would want to clear the area close to the VIP to make it easier to see threats and defend against them, as well as having a clear shot on any possible hostiles, so you might try to ask the people around to move away from the VIP. However, not everyone will listen, and there's not too much you can do there. Just remember. The VIP is your priority, nothing else.


Ranks are very helpful, as it gives you new/better guns, new items, better keycards, and even a new morph. In order to level up, click on the NPC, Milly, that is in the MTF armory/spawn. It will give you a prompt to buy ranks using in-game cash.You get higher ranks with exp. For a list of ranks, prices, and items given, head to the Area 47 MTF page (linked at the top).

Radio Procedures

The button used to turn on the radio is "T." Try to limit your radio usage to only necessary information. In addition, try to put "/e" before every message, as it will hide the chat bubble from appearing above your head and will still put it in radio. There's another method you could use, and that's typing "/c system" (radio off to send this preferably), which will swap your channel to "[System]" similar to how /t and /w works. These methods are very helpful for just speaking in radio, and for combat as enemy players won't see your location from your chat bubble. I would suggest using "/t" and putting things like (for radio) [R] or (for team chat) [T] or (for whispers) [W] (whispers are disabled in-game), but this isn't a serious roleplay game, and I'm not sure how the team chat works in radio. There is also a tactical comms channel in addition to the main Foundation channel. This channel (I believe) is limited to armed teams only (excluding CI, and including IA, ISD, and RRT). This channel I believe should be used primarily to communicate the most important information to teammates, such as locations of hostiles and breached SCPs. You can swap between channels with H (do note that swapping radio channels will turn off your radio if you had it on). Remember to constantly check the radio channels.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can get a medibag by heading to the SD armory in Sector 1. This is a very helpful item for every situation.
  • Executive Officer and above have a riot shield and level 4 access.
  • You can hit "N" for night vision, helping you see better in the dark (including Code Black), and it also highlights instances of SCP-966.
  • You can use the audio cues like attack, kill, or proximity (SCP-352) sounds to know if somebody is near an SCP/is in the containment zone. This can be very helpful, as you can know when SCPs are being breached or there's a test going on. For attack/kill sounds, you can sometimes use it to see if somebody has died to an SCP (you want to check on them just in case it's been breached), and for SCP-352's screams, it can tell you that someone is in its containment zone.
  • Above the main part of the radio, there is an indicator saying if there are new messages in other radio channels, so remember to check this part constantly to make sure there's nothing new and important in the Tactical Comms.
  • If you like using shift-lock to orient your character or use things like the riot shield, the keybind for that is "Ctrl," and this way you don't need to enable it in settings or swap away from your gun to use it.
  • It is normally very important to sort your inventory, as it makes it easier to access the most important things without having to go into your extended inventory (hit "`" also known as "grave" to open this like the normal Roblox inventory or use the plus on the loadout bar) or reach very far. The way to move items is to click and hold the item you want to move and drag it to the slot you want it to go (unfortunately, the bar is slightly buggy, and doesn't always save due to the order of items/what items you have in your hotbar, and sometimes it takes many tries to move an item. Also, to move an item into the extended inventory, you have to drag the item to the right side, meaning actually on the side of the item, of the last item in your extended inventory, or, if you have no items in it already, to the left side of the first slot in the extended inventory). In addition, due to how the bar works, you can still use items like your gun while sorting the inventory, and can run while sorting.
  • SCPs do not have pathfinding abilities, meaning you can get them stuck around corners or walls if you need a spare second to run. However, this can also mess with recontainment, especially with SCPs like SCP-966, as it can be a pain to get all 4 of them inside containment without dying to the others.
  • When you spawn as newbie in mtf (Recruit - Elite operative), try to run out of sector 3 as fast as possible because when some ci visit sector 3 they usually breach 966, 049 and scp 457 and don't visit sector 4 because there are two keter class scp there.