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RC Methods for SCPs.

Hello, my name is 2quick4you3s. A former Beta-7 for a short time at Creepysin's SCPF. In this page I will show you the basics of how to RC different SCPs and facts that might be useful when RC'ing. Keep in mind these aren't 100% efficient, but do work. There are multiple RC Videos in YouTube made by E-11 or B-7 in the the SCPF, but these SCPs in 47 have different functions and aren't in the SCPF RC videos. Usually anyone can recontain any SCPs, but they should have the following:

  • A weapon that has a 40%+ speed.
  • Knows what they're doing at times of stress.
  • Must have a clear and calm mind in times of stress or in a difficult situations.
  • They must know alternative RC methods.

If you meet the required statements. You can safely watch and learn!

SCP-049 "Plague Doctor"

SCP-049 is one of the most easiest SCPs to Recontaining. Although it has a 1 hit kill, it is fairly slow. The location of 049 is S-3 down the hallway next to MTF Spawn. Make sure you are little bit far away from it. If not you will risk dying by 049.

SCP-457 "The Burning Man"

SCP-457 is Euclid class and potential Keter. 457 is easy to recontain, however if it has killed 1 player or more, its speed will increase including its Damage rate. This SCP can be a very dangerous SCP if not handled properly. A way to neutralize it and the speed can be dealt with either shooting it until it seems slow. Keep it in mind it will stop and jump if you Touch the walls too much and very common for all humanoid SCPs. Once at the end of RC. Make sure to go to the left or right side of the ICZ windows to trap 457 and without the risk of someone leading it out.

SCP-966 "Sleep Killers"

SCP-996 is 4 entity's mixed together. It is an Euclid Class and can be dangerous. Its fast and has 4 damage rate. Overall this SCP can be dangerous for new players if not trained. Once you have the location of 966 get inside its range and make sure you have shift lock on, and lead it into the CZ. If you want to turn to the CZ door go further to left or right side of the hall and then go to the opposite side to reduce the risk of it catching up to you. Open the door and lead it into the OCZ, if one of them gets stuck on the door its better to preform a large circle and then opening the door where it is trapped in. Once they're in still continue doing the circles and open the ICZ door and lead it in if they get stuck then preform another circle to get them in. It is highly requested for you to reset once all of them are in. To avoid them making a mess that is. Tips to remember, are that 966 can be slowed down if you shoot at it although not slowing down the entire group. Using NVGs are pretty easy if your team has it. 966 can stop and jump if you touch the walls too much. Another way of RC is using medic bags.

SCP-076 "Able"

SCP-076 or referred to as Able. Is a Keter SCP located in S-4. 076 is a easy one, yet its classification. 076 has 4 hit damage hit rate and is fast. It can go through closing doors and has a mode called "Rage State" Rage state is a Super power for 076 it can enhance its speed to a shocking amount and increase damage rate and can be very glitchy. If it is in rage state it is preferred to wait for 1 minute for it go back into passive mode. Once you are in the range of 076 keep a distance since its hitbox is ridiculously large. Make sure its following you and make a left or right turn and then the make a turn to the opposite side to avoid it catching up to you or hitting you. Once you are there in the OCZ let it follow you, and jump down the cat walk. It will follow you if you move to the side if it gets stuck. Open the ICZ door and preform a large circle, once it the door has fully opened lead it in. Go to either sides and let it hit you. It will stop for a second making a advantage for you to jump over its head and then head to the closet side of the ICZ. Stay away from the wall, it will hit you even if its on the other side. Overall SCP-076 is easy to RC. Just needs practice, and 076 can get stuck in corners.

SCP-096 "Shy Guy"

096 or referred to as Shy Guy. Is located in S-4. Is a Euclid class SCP. There is a mode called "Rage State" same as 076. It can be in that state if anyone is seeing it then leave the CZ quickly to S-3. If it is breached then be a SD/MTF to get the containment bag, once you are in the location of 096 turn on NVG to block its face. Equip your Bag, and then look for a white bar. Once you have found it, Click and hold it. It is then bagged and teleported. If it is glitched, then lead it inside the ICZ, if it gets stuck on the door keep your distance and try using different angles to releasing it. Lead it in, and then get away from the CZ and stay way at least 50 studs away from it. It'll reset and go into a passive mode.

SCP-173 "The Sculpture"

SCP-173 is located in S-2, down the hallway. When RC'ing it. Use a trick called 'Turn & Lock'. Turn & Lock or TL Trick is turning on shift lock, and turning it off and turning it back on again. Making 173 move towards you, keep doing this until it is in the ICZ. Go around it, but looking at it and then closing the ICZ door and then the OCZ Door. Overall easy to RC.

That concludes my Containment guide to Site-47's SCPs and how to RC them. Since this what I learned back at 27v2 when I was a Beta-7 Operative for a short time. Usually these might change soon, but will be updated frequently if new SCPs will be added. I might add in a map for everyone to see and locate SCPs or locations. Anyway I hope some people will see this and practice their RC skills. For any questions, you can ping me at Site-47's discord @2quick4you3s and ask your questions or DM me at Horizon#0140. I hope the best.

~ 2quick4you3s  

Groups Of Interest's & Clans

Overview: Ever since the start of Area-47. Multiple groups of users and players formed groups or clans to takeover the entire game, some are small, some are big, some are forgotten in time. In this informational guide you will learn multiple groups formed in Area-47. This page will most likely be changed overtime when big and larger groups are recognized in Area-47. There will be a list of them each having unofficial classifications. There is so much we don't know about 47 and its community. Although I'm a veteran I am still learning about every inch of it. There are still secrets to this very game. It's addictive, yet so mysterious. It drives you crazy for those who wants to learn more. While then I will spend my entire time on lookout for these "Things"...

Classification A small starting group. Classification Counter: GOI Count:
"DORADO" A small starting group 1-5 Members 1
"VANCE" A medium Sized Group 5-20 Members 1
"OBERION" A Large Based Group 20-100 Members ?

Note: Some may subject to change.

Usually we can call them by classification or by their names. Most preferably by their actual names. There are multiple Groups in 47 that haven't been discovered yet or been discovered and registered here. In this informational Guide it'll talk about Major Clans and their status.

Omnicron Rho [OR]

Omnicron Rho

"Omicron Rho. Omicron Rho or referred to as OR are the most recognizable clan in Site-47. Activity of them is regular, and multiple rallies conducted by them. They are specialized in Re-containment, and combat. Trained to the core. They have a official trello board, and their own functional Command. Their Chain Of Command are similar to Area-27's Mobile Task Force. I would say this group hosts multiple rallies on different time zones. They have different Sub-Divisions. Overwatch, And revenant. Both purposes are [REDACTED] or [RESTRICTED] and are disclosed."

Name Classification Status Clan Leader
Omnicron Rho Vance Deactivated Nill

Omnicron Rho Rally (11/14/2020).

Resh-1 [47]


Resh-1 Or formally named "Seat Of Consciousness". Resh-1 is tasked with elite Guarding of both Site Directors, O5's, and the TA himself. Rest is restricted to Resh-1 Operatives. They're identities are secret and never known. They can vary to any Intel Departments (ISD, IA, RRT.). Currently Inactive for maintenance. They once had a elite division called "Tau-5" later decommissioned. After that a immediate purge of all operatives occurred.

Name Classification Status Clan Leader
Resh-1 ([DATA MISSING) Dorado Deactivated Nill

Resh-1 & Omnicron Rho Joint Operation (2/5/2021) [NOT ORIGINAL IMAGE]


Area-47's Lore & Myths

Area-47 is one of the most active, and functional server since 2018. Since the creation of it, multiple new updates and new SCPs. Some refined, some have been forgotten in time, however the pure secrecy of some unknown things were kept away from the public eye. Many things such as non-existent SCPs, un-registered SCPs, and bizarre discoveries, however acknowledgement of these "irregularity Instances" have been deleted or kept secret from the players. Oddly why though, its still very strange. In this page topic we will discuss main theories & possible existence of these Irregular Instances.

"Note: Some of these are theories. Some are quite proof of their existence. Nicknames and all are made up."

SCP-[CLASSIFIED] "Warhammer Titan"

SCP-[CLASSIFIED] is one of the most popular myth of all time. The SCP is considered to be dormant or in a deep-comma state. The description of it is very dark and almost invisible due to the darkness, armored in some sort of hard-blacked armor, suited with White neon colored strips & dots. SCP-[CLASSIFIED] Is surrounded by gaseous state cosmos aura around it, very similar to gjallarhorn. It's face is somewhat like a helmet with detail, such as odd Cyclinder objects injecting into the head into it, as of designs I shall name these as "Compression Cyclinders" since its all over the base of the head. In old sources, the SCP was carrying A large War hammer, however pictures of it are VERY rare to come across. It's precise location is nearly impossible for anyone to get to. The location of it is S4, but above the roof. You need to overload MTF Spawn with players and you can get there. Be careful of pits. Fall into it and you fall into the void. Many theories may say this might be the new antagonist for the new update, this could be connected to the Time Traveler 002, however it doesn't connect. Another theory is that it was unfinished build for a SCP. During the the other update before the current one. SCP-[CLASSIFIED] had its own Containment zone ONLY Accessible to Moderators+. The CZ description is a catwalk connecting to the Entrance door, and a deep drop into the OCZ. From there you can see a door, and on both sides tainted glass, further investigation to the user's source is that nothing was in the ICZ. In conclusion it is a event-locked SCP. Only triggered by either a High ranking Moderator or the Head Of Moderation by either typing a single string of command in the CMDR (;). Further investigation has come to halt after the CZ was deleted, someone knew the users were getting something out of it.


In Area-47 there only 4 present sectors. Sector-1, 2, 3 and finally 4. Each containing SCPs accessible by the person with the correct clearance, however numerous theories & many speculations suggest that there is a forgotten Sector, not shown nor connected with the other sectors. Many think that this Old Sector was created to hold multiple un-released SCPs without the knowledge of the public eye. In sense far away in the distance. In one source "S-5 is not connected with the rest of the site, many say that outside of the map holds a huge black box floating in the air, above the void. In source of the writer it says A huge steal vault containing the upcoming 914 that doesn't work, E&T Morph, SCP-002 which is also a upcoming SCP, a entirely different a robust CZ for 966. And a duplicate model of 966 with a new animation, finally a box possibly containing something of extreme danger or secrecy. We don't know." ~ 84374G (User in the wiki)

We don't know in fact what exactly is in that box. Many say that its the Sewer's for a example which gives such a huge black box which makes it obvious for some people. It isn't exactly proven, but the writer also stated it was for Moderators. CMT themselves have announced that the Sector doesn't exists at all. They claim that there is no such thing as S-5, but says otherwise. Possibly a lie between the 2 sides, this cannot be proven without evidence of this infamous Sector. After conclusion it is going to be on going investigation.

Mod Island

Mod Island, as it suggest the name. Is a place which was present during 2020, before December. As it shows, it was only accessed by Moderators+. Since this isn't a myth, but it deserves a place due to the controversy. The exact description isn't none, but sources say, "Nothing much, but a huge black box in the middle of nowhere, inside the interior is a huge text 'Mod Island. The land of the mods.' and just a empty bland room." This room was probably held for Moderator rallies, or other Administration purpose, if none then it was a completely useless waste of space. There are no pictures given, but some have been deleted due to "Secrecy."

Area-47's Lore & History

"On July 2nd 2018, Area-47 was created under the ownership of Creepysin's SCPF, alongside with the development team of that time. The first ever blueprints were constructed of all metal materials, walls, floors and the traditional neon lights of the 2018 Era. These were the very first memories that were made that reflects where it all began."

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