Roblox Area 47 Wiki

The Administrator is the top of the facility hierarchy, and there can only be one administrator per server.

To become The Administrator, you must go to the Administrative Offices located in Sector 1. This little lobby hosts the O5 Council and Site Director's offices as well as a meeting room. Walk through the set of two doors and if there are no Administrators currently online, you should be given the GUI and an announcement will be made stating you have entered the facility.


Code Black

The Administrator can now call Code Black! Code Black cuts the power to the facility, and puts an immediate halt to everything happening! This has proven to be useful during riots where Class-D are almost completely blinded while the combative departments utilize their night vision goggles to see.


  • If you're on the Class-D or Chaos Insurgency teams and you attempt to enter past the second door, you will be teleported out back into the lobby with a message being shown on your screen stating that you cannot become The Administrator while on that team.
  • When you're on The Administrator team, you're able to remove the morph you are given. This is useful for if you go onto a team that provides you with a morph and you don't want the two morphs to be colliding with each other. You can locate this option in the setting module in the menu.
  • When in-game, the TA is identifiable by their nametag and an icon on the leaderboard.

This gamepass does not grant you access to the "The Administrator" rank in the Roblox group.