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SD Morph (Guard)

The infobox that appears upon joining the team for the first time.

The Security Department is one of the two free combative teams, the other one being the Mobile Task Force. The Security Department is commonly abbreviated as "SD."

The Overseer for this team in game is O5-11.

In-game Description


Your duties consist of protecting all members of the Foundation from any riots or invasions, as well as escorting tests and medical checkups hosted by Medical and Scientific Personnel. The protection of all employees is a priority, you are our first line of defense.


Damage: 3/4

Fire Rate: 2/4


Defense: 3/4

Weight: 2/4


Rank XP Equipment Morph changes
Recruit 0 [+] P90

[+] Glock

[+]Security Baton

[+] Bag

[+] Arrest

[+] Taser (Locker)

Guard 20 Above [+] Added Belt pack

[+] Added Radio

[+] Added Holsters

Corporal 120 Above [+] Added Cosmetic Grenades to Belt Pack

[+] Added Shoulder Guard

[+] Added Back pouch

Sergeant 250 Above [+] Added Knee Pads
Sergeant Major 400 Above [+] Added Left Shoulder Guard
Lieutenant 675 [+] Riot Shield [+] Added Green Beret in place of Riot Helmet
Captain 1,000 Above [-] Removed Left Shoulder Guard
Major 1,250 Above [+] Green Beret changed into Blue Beret

[-] Removed Knee Pads

[-] Removed Balaclava

Assistant Director 1,500 Above [+] Blue Beret changed into Red Beret

[-] Removed Right Shoulder Guard

Director 1,850 Above [+] Red Beret changed into Yellow Beret


Quest GUI

Quests can be obtained from the NPC located in Security Department spawn. The quests are as follows:

"Collect Pay"

Play on this team for 30 minutes in one session.

Reward: 100 credits

"Bad Boys"

Terminate 10 unauthorized Class-D.

Reward: 100 credits

"Border Patrol"

Check 10 IDs.

Reward: 100 credits

"Department Hero"

Defeat 10 Chaos Insurgency Units.

Reward: 100 credits