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The O5 Councilors, more widely known as Overseers, are the team responsible for controlling a department they are assigned to. The limit to how many O5 can be in-game is set to 6.

Overseer Perks

O5 Council

O5-2 Department of External Affairs
O5-4 Scientific Department
O5-5 Internal Security Department
O5-6 Medical Department
O5-7 Intelligence Agency
O5-8 Engineering and Technical
O5-9 Mobile Task Force
O5-10 Ethics Committee
O5-11 Security Department
O5-12 Rapid Response Team


  • Video by CreepySins explaining how to become O5 ingame:
  • The Overseers are not referred to as their usernames, but as 'O5-_', and their team tag changes to 'Overseer'.
  • In-game, the O5-Cuncil members are identifiable by an icon in the game leaderboard.
  • If you want to become an Overseer, you must first have the gamepass, and secondly, join a team without an Overseer.
  • The O5-X Designation is given if you are the first O5, and if you die, it will be given to the next O5. (Note: O5-X designation is bugged, if you join as an O5 you will become O5-X).
  • You cannot become the Overseer of the Administrative Department, Foundation Personnel, Chaos Insurgency or Class-D Personnel.
  • The O5 Council gamepass is the second most expensive gamepass in the game.
  • Overseers are paid $20 instead of the $10 other teams get.