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"Stopping abusers is part of the daily life of the Internal Security Department, work with your fellow members to ensure the site is running without flaw!" - In game description

The Internal Security Department is a REDACTED team charged with ensuring Foundation Personnel remain loyal to the Foundation, and do not abuse their privileges.

The Overseer of this team in game is O5-5.

In-game Description


Agent, it is your duty to ensure that all personnel stick to the most explicit and strict regulations set by the Foundation's high command and ensure that all threats are dealt with. All information regarding your duties is [REDACTED], trust nobody.


Damage: 3/4

Fire Rate: 2/4


Defense: 3/4

Weight: 2/4


Rank XP Equipment
Probationary Agent 0 [+] Cloak

[+] Kriss Vector

[+] HK.45

[+] Arrest

[+] Security baton

[+] Medkit

[+] Face Scrambler

Agent 40 Above
Senior Agent 225 Above
Supervising Agent 500 Above
Agent in Charge 750 [+] Detain
Executive Director 1,050 Above
Director 1,350 Above


"Collect Pay"

Collect Pay

Play on this team for 30 minutes in one session.

Possible new features

ISD Contracts where announced on 10/06/2021, but where not added in the updates after that. Will we see them soon? That's the question.

Image by Lxuca in #development (Discord Channel)


The ISD Supervising Agent morph.

The ISD Director NPC