Roblox Area 47 Wiki

Impeachment is the process whereby the Administrator is forcefully removed from his/her position.

Impeachment can be presented by a member of the 05-Council, or alternatively the Site Director. When an Impeachment is presented the entire server gets to vote whether or not to Impeach the Administrator. In order for the Administrator to be removed, roughly 3/4 of the server has to vote in favor of Impeachment.

The reason for Impeachment is always cited as "Failing to perform their duties", unlike the vote kicking system where the accuser has to provide a custom message explaining why someone should be punished.

The official rules do not state why someone can be impeached, which has led to a sense of ambiguity regarding the mechanism. However, there is a small general set of reasons which most people agree are valid for impeaching the Administrator. Such reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Abuse (which is a vague term in itself)
  • Breaking the rules
  • AFK farming (for money)
  • Inactivity


  • Extreme incompetence (which is extremely subjective)

However at the end of the day there is no official guideline/ruleset for Impeachment, so in practice the reasons for Impeachment are ultimately decided by the server itself.