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GOC morph (Squadron Executive+)

The Global Occult Coalition (GOC for short) is a Group of Interest team. The role of GOC is to protect the vault and warehouse from the Chaos Insurgency, as part of the Heist update:

The newest heist, nicknamed the “Vault Heist” has made its way into Area-47. Administrative Department members are responsible for putting files into the vault (they get paid per file!), the more files that are inside of the vault (max 100), the more the payout is for the raiders!
When raiding the vault, Chaos Insurgency have the option to go in and go guns blazing, or they can play it safe and destroy the exit door for the GoC, trapping them until the heist is completed! Be careful, this heist is a risky one, you have to protect yourself from SD, MTF, and GoC!
You definitely want to bring some friends along!
After raiding the vault, Chaos Insurgency can go and sell their confidential files to their merchant for a handsome payout!
- Description of the Heist from the changelog.

It is playable for anyone in CreepySin's SCPF group, but only two (2) players will be able to play as GOC Operative per server.


Rank XP Equipment Morph Changes
Conscript 0 [+] AUG

[+] Glock

New Operative 20 Above [+] Left Shoulder Guard added
Operative 120 Above [+] Helmet Battery Pack added

[+] Belt added

Senior Operative 250 Above [+] Backpack added

[+] Pistol magazine pouches added

Team Leader 400 Above [+] Kneepads added
Squadron Executive 675 Above [+] Night Vision Goggles added

[+] Bandana added

[-] Backpack removed

Squadron Leader 1000 Above [NVGs are bugged, dont use the morph.]
Assistant Occult Director 1250 Above [+] Right Shoulder Guard added
Occult Director 1500 Above [+] Beret added

[+] Backpack re-added

[-] NVGs removed

Occult Council 1850+ Above [-] Bandana removed

Department Quests

"Vault Patrol "

Guard the Vault for three (3) minutes. (0/3)

Rewards: $85

"Chaos Controller"

Eliminate five (5) Chaos Insurgency members. (0/5)

Rewards: $100

"Vault Defense"

Eliminate six (6) Chaos Insurgency members inside the vault. (0/6)

Rewards: $95


  • Global Occult Coalition is the only team that requires for you to join the group in order to play as them
  • Global Occult Coalition is the only team to have access to the AUG
  • It is the only team that is for free to have Quad Night Vision Goggles
  • The GOC is the only team that grants access to become part of the “Council”