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Garry's GUI.

Garry GUI2..png
Garry's GUI Continued.


Garry is located in the CI spawn. Just outside you will find the NPC "Garry". Garry sells multiple items ranging from C4, Shop weapons, and even Disguise Kits. Weapons from Garry can either be rented or owned but all others can only be rented. Items from Garry can only be bought by CI.





Hacking Device 25 N/A N/A Allows the player to hack doors, making them unable to open until E&T fixes it.
Glowstick 70 N/A N/A N/A
Medical Kit 200 N/A N/A Heals Nearby Players.
Disguise Kit 250 N/A N/A Disguises your Avatar as a random Avatar

on noncombative teams.

Signal Jammer 500 N/A N/A Allows to Warehouse to be robbed without

setting the alarms off for 30 (?) seconds.

Elite Disguise Kit 700 N/A N/A Disguises your Avatar as a random Avtar

on MTF or SD.

C4 Explosive 750 N/A N/A Used to explore the Vault when doing

The Heist robbery.

UMP .45 175 6500 The UMP-45 Fully automatic SMG with a 2.5 second reload speed and a 30 bullet customizable magazine. This is a reliable, and light SMG sure to never fail you. See Items
Barrett 500 7500 The Barrett semi-automatic sniper rifle nicknamed the "Bar" with a 5 bullet magazine featuring a 5 second reload speed will surely pack a kick, this weapon will leave your enemy speechless. See Items
Colt LMG 350 10000 The Colt LMG is a heavy machine gun like weapon nicknamed the "Potato Digger" due to its complex and unique build, this weapon has a 75 round magazine with a 5 second reload speed. If you don't finish your enemy with 75 round the 5 second reload speed will prove handy. See Items
Negev 500 15000 The Negev is a Light Machine Gun, with 75 bullets per magazine. This is your smaller version of the powerful minigun. See Items