Roblox Area 47 Wiki

The infobox that appears upon joining the team for the first time.

In-game Description

"Foundation Personnel are the departmentless users of the group, who are either pending for a department, or not currently on their department."


Greetings, you have the ability to spectate scientific tests and medical checkups, as well as having the ability to view Class-D at the Class-D Viewing Area. Watch out for any Chaos Insurgents! Ensure you obey all rules and orders given to you. Good luck.


Damage: 3/4

Fire Rate: 2/4


Defense: 3/4

Weight: 2/4


Rank XP Equipment
Probationary Personnel 0 -
Junior Personnel 50 -
Foundation Personnel 150 -
Respected Personnel 300 -
Senior Personnel 450 -


To do quests you can go to Billy (or any other quest giver) in the Security Department spawn.

"Collect Pay"

Play on this team for 30 minutes in one session.

Reward: 100 credits