Roblox Area 47 Wiki

The Engineering And Technical Service (E&T for short), handle the maintenance of the site, involving repairing broken things around the facility and finding flaws in containment zones.

You can enable the light on your helmet by pressing the button next to your money.

The Overseer for this team in game is O5-8.

The infobox that appears upon joining the team for the first time.

One of E&T's old quests

You can earn money by repairing scanners and generators. (Repairing one scanner will reward you $25, repairing one generator will reward you $50.)

In-game Description


Greetings Engineer, your job is to oversee normal site operations in regards to equipment breakage and any other malfunctions. Without you, the site cannot function properly. Our technology is our most powerful tool, without it we are weak. Good luck.


Damage: 3/4

Fire Rate: 3/4


Defense: 3/4

Weight: 2/4


Rank XP Equipment Morph/uniform changes Uniform pictures
Intern 0 [+] Wrench [+] Orange Vest
RobloxScreenShot20211120 210300190.png
Apprentice 20 Above [+] Lime Vest -
Technician 120 Above [+] Yellow Vest
RobloxScreenShot20211120 210217891.png
Senior Technician 250 Above [+] Cyan Vest
RobloxScreenShot20211120 210054979.png
Atomics Technician 400 Above - -
Supervisor 675 Above [+] Purple Vest
RobloxScreenShot20211120 210000713.png
Safety Supervisor 875 Above - -
Chief Technician 1,050 Above [+] Green Vest
RobloxScreenShot20211120 205912764.png
Assistant Director 1,250 Above [+] Dark Violet Vest
RobloxScreenShot20211120 205804617.png
Director 1,500 Above [+] Burgundy Vest
RobloxScreenShot20211120 205200878.png


To do quests you can go to Billy (or any other quest giver) in the Security Department spawn.

"Collect Pay"

"Play on this team for 30 minutes in one session."

Reward: 100 credits

"The Mechanic"

"Repair three generators in one session."

Reward: 100 credits