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Detain Tool Description

The Detain Tool is used for detaining CD's or Foundation Personnel that are not behaving. The Detain Tool is used by selecting the tool and clicking on the person you wish to detain; to un-detain them, you have to click again with the Detain Tool Selected.

Warning: Do not detain for an invalid reason, don't detain hostile CDs or CI in combat/to terminate them, don't detain people out of rooms (unless breaking rules such as breaching), don't detain players out of the map or into areas they cannot leave from, don't detain while cloaked, and do not detain anyone through the CDCZ riot barrier (even if you have permission), as these can be considered abuse and are punishable. You can find a document made by ex-Head Moderator NotSxkr about detain here (likely a few things in this document are outdated).

Which ranks have the detain tool:

  • Intelligence Agency (850 exp/Supervisor)
  • Rapid Respond Team (500 exp)/Administrator's Guard)
  • Administrative Department (0 exp/Staff Analyst)
  • Internal Security Department (750 exp/Agent in charge)
  • 05 Council (0exp|with every rank)
  • The Administrator (0exp)
  • Site director (0exp)

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