Roblox Area 47 Wiki


Cosmetic Armor pieces are well, Armor pieces that get added to your character whenever you rank up, however some ranks remove the armor pieces.

Shoulder Guard

The most common armor piece you will ever see, literally almost every combative team except SD gets an added shoulder guard on the first rank up, Shoulder guards are armor pieces that to which the name explains, protects your shoulder, it comes with 5 lines of metal bars on the front, and follows up with a always black shield that serves as a space for the metal bars, the said bars also change color depending on what team you are, SD gets gray, RRT gets black, Chaos Insurgency gets green, and the MTF units gets colors depending on what task force they are (Example: Sigma-9 gets purple Shoulder guards). Also, their is a top black shield on top of the shoulder, on the side of the shoulder are always 2 belts connecting the shoulder guard to the body.

Knee Padding

The second to most common armor piece, almost always shows up after the Shoulder guard, basically, it protects your knees, it comes with the same color variety as the Shoulder Guard, however MTF S-9 and B-7 have different types of knee padding.


Not really a Armor piece, but it would be a crime to not add, it's basically just a pocket that stores a crap ton more stuff than your own pockets, Chaos Insurgency gets a different type of Backpack, having a sort of hydration pack, a crowbar, and a radio.

Top vest mags

Top vest mags are well, mags that go on the top of your vest, they are added on the second ranks of GOC and CI, no one else gets the Top vest mags.

Gas Mask

More info needed.