Roblox Area 47 Wiki

The Control Room is located in Sector 2 (almost) directly infront of the Sector 3 entrance at the end of the hallway. To enter the Control Room, you will need at least Level-4 clearance.

In the Control Room, the Secretary, Site Director, O5 Council and The Administrator can activate the following emergency codes:

Code Purple

Code Purple is used to announce a CI raid or Riot, despite the CDCZ lockdown. When Code Purple is activated, all lights in the facility will turn purple. You will hear an announcement saying

"Code Purple has been declared. Please follow proper protocols."

According to the rules, Code Purple is to be used when 3 or more Chaos Insurgency players are repeatedly invading the Facility, and are unable to be neutralized.

For more information, go to this page.

Code Red

Code red is used to announce a breach. Code red is very similar to code purple, as it requires people to:

  1. Cancel tests/not start tests
  2. Proceed to the breach shelter if you are a non-combative
  3. MTF must recontain the breached SCP as soon as possible Note: You may not detain anyone for testing while Code Red is activated as it counts as detain abuse.

For more information, go to this page.

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Pre-made Announcements

There are three Pre-Made Announcements, the E&T test announcement, Hungry announcement and the Stay Vigilant announcement. The E&T test announcement is essentially what it means, Engineering and Technical are testing something major onsite. The Hungry announcement may be used during lunch or dinner onsite, but otherwise inside the game without hunger, the announcement is just for fun. And finally, the Stay Vigilant announcement, this announcement is most likely to be used during a little CI raid or perhaps against a CI spy. Ingame, the Stay Vigilant announcement states that you should report any suspicious activity to Intelligence Agency members, to prevent data from getting into the hands of foreign organizations.