Roblox Area 47 Wiki

Code: Red

Description: Code red is currently a fully-automatic code that is activated when any SCP breaches past it's last containment door. Once the SCP has done this, it will enable code red and the entire facility will have the lights turned a shade a red. There will also be an alarm signaling code red aswell during this time. When the SCP has breached a voice can be heard just before the alarm starts. It will annouce the Sector the SCP has breached in, The SCP that has breached, (currently broken, silence instead) and "units please respond".

Enabled by: Having an SCP breaching their last containment door, SCP-682/173 breach purchased.

Effects: Currently has no effects when enabled, however in older versions of the game it used to be manually turned on using a button in the Control Room. It would also automatically contain SCPs after roughly 2 minutes. It is unknown why this was removed.