Roblox Area 47 Wiki

The infobox that appears upon joining the team for the first time.

Default Class D uniform (may disappear with certain avatars)

Class-D Personnel are the core of the group, previous inmates who volunteered to testing in exchange for their release. They were not told what they would be tested on.

Class-D are usually tested on by the Scientific Department which often leads to death.

Class-D can also have the ability to rob the Warehouse.

In-game Description


Greetings Class-D, you are expected to remain behind the red line and follow all orders from Foundation Personnel. If this isn't of your interest, there is a black market dealer who sells weaponry. Make sure combatives don't catch you, or you can become a Class-E!


Damage: 3/4

Fire Rate: 2/4


Defense: 3/4

Weight: 2/4


Rank XP Equipment
Class-D 0 -
Experienced Class-D 150 [+] Green Uniform
Known Class-D 475 [+] Blue Uniform
Hostile Class-D 750 [+] Red Uniform
Respected Class-D 1,050 [+] Black Uniform