Roblox Area 47 Wiki

The Chaos Insurgency is one of two anti-Foundation teams, and one of the two GOIs currently in game.

In-game Description


"The Chaos Insurgency team will surely get the job done. Allowing you access to the only team against the foundation available for the game, work together with fellow insurgents to take back what the foundation has taken from you".


Damage: 4

Fire Rate: 4


Defense: 4

Weight: 4


The Chaos Insurgency, (Shorter CI) are group of Agents stealing crates and files from the foundation, to gain more information about SCPs. They are the main problem within the Foundation, as they can cause serious damage. (Breaching SCPs, raiding, ect.) CI Agents are suited in a green-camo "frog" clothes, with a bulletproof vest, knee pads, and a shoulder protection. Low-ranks get a helmet with standard protection, mid-ranks get night visions, and the high-ranks get a green Berret. All ranks are given AK-47 and a Glock.

Earning Money:

Currently, as a CI, you can either steal crates from the warehouse and sell them to Barry, or you can raid the Vault for files, however you require C4 to start the heist.


Warehouse is a building storing crates. It is near the GOC spawn. In order to enter, you must find a tunnel leading to Warehouse. Once you approach it, heat-alarm is sent and alerts the whole facility. It is best to be fast to get as many crates you can. If possible, bring the Radio Jammer, and click it two times to start the timer. Inside the warehouse, there are only 8 pick-able crates that you can carry. Once you got them all, head to the sewers and sell them to Barry. 8 crates can grant you 600 money, however the money can heavily lower if you are slow with delivering. (The least you can get is 10 money) Each few 10 minutes this warehouse restocks itself and can be raidable again.

The Vault:

The Vault is the hardest, but also the best way to earn the maximum money. It is best to raid the Vault with as many CI Agents you can. The Vault is located in sector-1, opposite the Administration Offices. Enter, and youll see a giant metal door. Plant the C4 that you have bringed and wait few seconds. Once it explodes, the giant metal door will open loud, and activate the Heist Alarm. A bottom text near the balance text will appear saying: "VAULT HEIST INITIATED" The Vault can have max. 100 files, that can be filled by Administrative Department using the computer inside, or it fills itself slowly but automatically. Inside is a large white circle being a pillar with a TV having several statuses about the vault monitoring. Holding the white circle will gain you files, maximum you can is 100. Depending on amount of CI Agents or Class-Ds holding the circle, the file count can go quicker from the TV, and youll earn less files. Once youve got your satisfied amount, exit from the vault and a location ping will show on your screen. This ping pings you to the CI base. Once arrived to the base, you will "X" amount of money, depending on how many files you are carrying. 100 files can let you earn 5000 money.


Sewers (or known as tunnels) is a location that can be useful for traveling, especially for CI. Only way of accessing is to find a tunnel that is near the electrical station. Entering will lead you to a long hallway, with Barry standing on the left side. At the end, there are two tunnels. Right one leads you perfectly near the Vault, left one leads you to near the SCP-173.


- CI is the best way to grind money. Use the Free VIP server that you can create, and rob the vault ad warehouse as much as you can.

- If you die and you have put your rented item (C4, medical kit, ect) to your Backpack, the items wont dissapear. Only way that can is that the item is IN your hotbar.

- Warehouse is a better candidate to grind on a public server, as it does not give too much attention to the foundation.

- Always check corners if you are raiding to spot enemies.

- Use the elite disguise kit properly.

- If raiding, or breaching, bring as may CI agents as you can with you.

- 352, 966, 049, and 076 are the most dangerous SCPs that are deadly to the entire server. So breach them if you like ruining fun.

- If you cant see, use the night visions by pressing N or clicking the crossed eye button near the balance text.

- If you have troubles dealing with cloaked [REDACTED] combatives, then if possible, turn your graphics on 5 or more. The "electric" trail on their body can be easily seen. Higher graphics is much more effect effectiveness in all games.

- You can cause "distraction" for the foundation by planting C4 on the Vault, then running away, and then succesfully sneaking to a specific SCP.

- DEFINITELY spend your first 5000 on HV rounds, as they increase the fire rate and the damage of the AK-47.


Rank XP Equipment Morph changes
Recruit 0 [+] Ak-47

[+] Glock

Private 20 [+] Added NVG

[+] Added Black Bandana

[+] Vest Improved to include Mags

Specialist 120 [+] Added Backpack

[+] Added Left Shoulder Guard

Corporal 250 [+] Added Knee Pads
Sergeant 400 [+] Added Balaclava in place of Bandana
Major 675 [+] Replaced Backpack with Radio smaller Backpack and a Crowbar
Colonel 1,000 [+] Added Right Shoulder Guard
General 1,250 [+] Added Green Beret

[-] Removed Night Vision Goggles

[+] Added Bandana in place of Balaclava

Delta Command 1,500 [-] Removed Bandana
Commander 1,850 -