Roblox Area 47 Wiki

The CI tunnels are tunnels only accessible to the Chaos Insurgency and Class-D and are used to escape or come back into the foundation in secret.

A player standing near the entrace to the tunnels.

A player just inside of the tunnels.

The entrance to the tunnels are found on top of a frozen water fall, and as a CD you have to buy the item "Sewer Acces" at Larry's shop to be able to get into the sewers. Upon entering the sewers you have to walk straight forward. Then you will see a NPC named Barry. He will show you how to rob the warehouse, and you can also turn in the stolen crates to him to earn money. When you walk further, you will see 2 exits, 1 that teleports you to the administrative wing in Sector 1, and 1 who teleports you to Sector 2 near the Containment Chamber of SCP-173.