Roblox Area 47 Wiki

As with any game, bugs and glitches happen. Here are a list of glitches that are currently present in the game. Glitches may happen because of scripting errors, exploiters, hackers and low fps.

List of bugs
Sitting SCP SCP moves into a chair. SCP cannot get out of the chair. The SCP cannot be recontained by normal procedures. A possible solution is calling a mod for a force-recontainment. Medium - High
Anti-noclip glitch Walking through certain areas

or having a lower end wifi system.

Player gets respawned for ¨noclipping¨ even though they are not. Medium
UI Prompt Scripting Error When spawning, a UI for opening a door appears, even though the person is not near the location of the door. Low
Radio not Working Spawning in on a certain team then going on another team. Radio does not work, but this can somehow be fixed by changing the radio channel and going back to the one that was ¨broken¨. Low
Quests Starting a quest then attempting to complete it. Quests do no give their rewards. Medium


  • There used to be an Anti-exploit kick method that would often break, and randomly kick players. However this system was replaced with the Anti-noclip system which also is bugged, but only respawns players as seen in the menu above.